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Facebook Marketing


Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in the world, and Facebook marketing has become one of the biggest digital channels in terms of new opportunities. The platform offers a variety of different tools, both paid and organic, for brands to surface themselves to Facebook’s sprawling user base, but as with any other digital channel, there are certain things a marketing manager has to do to optimize for discoverability.

Facebook ads appear in two main places on the Facebook page when a person signs in. The carousel arrangement has ads that show up directly in a user’s news feed. This ad contains an image, a prominent feature of the brand’s name, a phrase or two of content and a click-through button.

The second type of ads appears on the right hand side of the news feed. These ads are a little simpler, with your content name and your web address.

Details topic of Facebook Marketing

Company Page Creation.

Page layout design.

Importance of different postings.

Edge rank algorithm.

Push & Pull strategy for branding.

80/20 rule in social media.

Importance of Hashtags in posting?

Facebook tools.

How to improve likes, shares, Comments?

Engagement Rate.

lmportance of likes in facebook.

Flow to create a contest, quiz.

Adshop section (or) How to place products in

Facebook Insights.

Group Creation.

How to sell products in facebook?

Custom tab creation.

How to link other social platform with facebook?

Facebook analytics.

Competition analytics.

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